Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Smokey Sunset

Tuesday's sunset was particularly colorful -- due to particulates in the air. Debris piles were being burnt all over and with no wind, the smoke driftes and hang around. Tis quite common this time of year to burn. We've had 18.40 inches of rain since October 1st so fire dangers are very low and we've had no wind to worry about whipping up embers. That, however, is about to change. Winds are starting to come east down the Columbia Gorge along with even colder air visiting from Canada.

Been cold. Got down to 31 last night and it is already 33 outside (and it is only 9pm). Brrr. Weather dood said the really cold air isn't gonna get here until the wind blows it in starting tomorrow. Tis projected to get really cold this weekend with high's only in the 30's. Brrr. Glad I picked up a new thermal and some warm socks earlier this week. I'm gonna be bundled up in more layers than Randy, Ralphie's younger brother in A Christmas Story.


  1. Checked our forecast today, looks like beginning Sunday, we are in for 7-10 days of off and on rains! Not etched in stone yet, but it looks like El Nina is workin her magic, and CA gonna get rainfall!

    Man do we need it. We need a whole winter of 7-10 day rains, with a clear day here and there to let it all drain. We need LOTS of snows in the mountains . . . but you know all that!

    Stay warm n dry, the fun's JUST starting!

  2. weather dood up here was saying last month that the el nino switch was gonna get thrown in december and all our storms will go south to california.

    of course that means we get cold enough for snow but no eye candy to go with it. reminds me of winters at the cabin in boulder creek where it regularly got below freezing but never snowed where i was at :(

  3. Fixin' to get colder than a well diggers ass around these parts. Ice on the truck this morning. So Sorry to hear you were pukey, on Thanksgiving, of all days.
    I am up and running again thanks to my buddy and his tech guru at work who built me a computer.



  4. colder than rush limbaugh's heart. cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey (as dad the sailor used to say). brrrrr

    and yay -- glad to hear you are up and running. i was fixin to go to the podhouse and get my desktop for you to use.

    smooches back atcha ya big lug