Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Before The Storm

Another storm headed this way and is forecast to hit tomorrow. Supposed to be a very wet and warm storm so no chance of snow -- unlike yesterday's storm.

Another do nothing day. Actually that is not an accurate description -- I've done some putzing around the house, spend an hour on the phone catching up with a fellow blogger, and have kept the wood stove burning. More like a low energy day. The thermometer says it is 41 outside but there is a chill to the air that says it is colder than that.

Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement for the possibility of coastal flooding and high surf conditions due to the mix of high astronomical tides and winds from the storm.

Tonight's sunset -- love the way the sun is hiden behind the clouds and the sun's rays angle up between the layers of clouds.


  1. Happy New Year my dear!

  2. happy new year babe

  3. Happy New Year to someone who has seen the best and worst of me. I hope 2010 brings a lot more blessings to you and your family Suzanne. Best wishes always...

  4. oh shelia i've only seen the best of you and refuse to believe there is a worst. happy new year and may the best day of 09 be the worst day of 10 for you and yours.


  5. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Suz, I catch FDL latelate too late to get in the thread. I've only been over here a few times the last month or so. That profile statement made me laugh so hard the first time I came. FWIW, I hope we both can get out of that Whitney Houston song in 2010. I'm making it 'that one thing' mentioned in the latenight thread 12/31/09 (well, with a plan that leads there via other means.)

    I don't blog (even though I've got three on my google account). I've also been using a camera since moving to the Cape Fear (NC) region 15 months back.

    I recall going down steps of Jr. High at Christmas break in 1969 and thinking "It sure is weird. It's only gonna get weirder." Well, I guess I was right! Only not exactly like I pictured. (HAHA!)

    Feels the same these days. Looking for it to be different kind of weird tho. ;-)
    A new decade dawns!

  6. hey blank hal -- love love those photos... you should put them up on one of your blogs -- love the sun's reflections on the clouds that was for me -- ohmystars thank you. i've not tried to twitter -- have a hard enough time catching up with all the doings at FDL and trying to stay current here at twoton.

    the last line of heartbreak hotel -- i'm not gonna take it no more -- has stiffened up my spine many a low time.

    started taking pictures when i moved to oregon in august of 08 -- nice to be taking photos of mother nature's beauty instead of man's inhumanity to man.