Tuesday, December 08, 2009


That was the low last night. Brrrr doesn't even begin to cover it. Has warmed up to 37.4 but there is still ice on the banks of the bay and creek.

Woke up at 10am and have been watching the live coverage of the memorial service for the 4 fallen Lakewood Police Department officers. The procession started from McCord Air Force Base at 10am and vehicles are still leaving the base headed to the Tacoma Dome. Over 2,000 emergency vehicles in the procession with their emergency lights silently flashing.

The memorial service has been delayed from a 1pm start to 1:45 so the estimated 20,000 officers who have traveled from all across the land can get to the Tacoma Dome. Tis a 10 mile drive and the streets are lined with people standing silently watching, saluting, hand over heart, showing their support for them.

A very very sad day.

The cold seems fitting for such a somber day. Brings back memories of driving in sad silent processions for other fallen officers. Memories of tears shed as the bagpipe plays Amazing Grace.

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