Sunday, December 06, 2009


It is cold. 1pm and it is 41 degrees outside. Tis a cold that goes right to my bones and takes a long soak in a hot bath before I feel warm again. Got down to 28 last nite and tonight promises to be even colder.

The Arctic Express is blowing (brrrr). The sunshine outside is just an illusion -- there is no warmth in its rays. Token was fooled -- he went outside to lay in the sun on the deck as he likes to do after waking up -- and he quickly came back inside to curl up in the fuzzy blanket on the sofa.

I've got no energy. My get up and go got up and went.

Oh great -- now it is 40 degrees. 1:30 in the afternoon and the temperature is already falling. Got down to 28 last night -- I fear tonight will be even colder.



  1. 27 here this AM.
    Had a rough weekend, tell ya about it later, I still have a job anyway...

  2. babe -- got down to 20.8 according to the thermometer. too forking cold (shiver)

    hope your week is better than your weekend

    huggies (looking for body heat)