Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tweak #2

Saw Dr A again this afternoon. My owie is healing nicely (yay) and I have a new sore spot (laughing). The new one is up in the back along the gum line at the site of one of Friday's extractions. Tis a sharp edge on my gum that is common afterwards. I have had others like it after previous extractions and it usually goes away after a few days.

Dr. A adjusted the fit and I return for more tweaks Monday. I am hopeful that the rest of the swelling is gone by then and that I continue to heal at a good clip. Last night I was able to eat a slice of pie while wearing the teeth but today has not been a good day -- I've not been able to tolerate wearing them for longer than a few minutes. *Sigh*

Picked up 3.86 inches of rain since Monday (including that half inch I told ya about earlier), bringing the year to date rainfall total to 22.26 inches since October 1st. Picked up 3.52 inches of pretty steady rain between Monday and Tuesday afternoon with the rest falling as drizzle and/or showers last night and this morning. Got fairly breezy last night with gusts reported of 50 mph at Cape Meares, which is just north of the bay. Token continues to bark at the wind -- He. Does. Not. Like.

Today was overcast and windy but the heavy clouds thinned along the western horizon late this afternoon -- long enough for me to take this picture before the clouds closed in again. I love how this photo shows the layers upon layers upon layers of clouds. Click the photo to see it larger. The usual placid bay was gunmetal gray and choppy. Tonight the winds have died down -- for the time being. Another storm coming in tomorrow and the weather dood forecasts yet another arriving Sunday.


  1. Looks like things are settling down inside your mouth. Hope that continues.

    Love the clouds in that photograph. I don't remember appreciating clouds until I moved to the Northwest. Now, I seem to feature them more in photos than I do clear skies. The clouds make the sky much more interesting.

  2. thanks cujo -- me too :)

    and same here about clouds. i never really paid much attention to them until i moved here. i had not realized gray came in so many shades....

  3. Ha! The PW has only two types of skies - cloud cover, and cloud cover at night.


  4. ha! yanno db i heard that mt hood is a way to tell what the weather is gonna be -- if ya can't see it, it is raining. if ya can see mt hood, it is gonna rain.