Thursday, December 10, 2009

T Minus One

T minus one -- this time tomorrow my butt will be planted in a dental chair -- the 5 remaining upper teeth will be pulled by Dr T and Dr A will fit the upper plate.

I will walk out with more teeth than I walked in with.

Thank goodness all that cold has distracted me from my usual pre-dental worrying. Finally up to 40 today -- ice is starting to crack on the creek bank and around the bay edges. Only two layers today -- but still have a cap on and a really bad case of hat hair.


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I'm sending warm, fuzzy thoughts to surround you.

  2. thanks skeptic -- i'm thinking calming thoughts and doing a lot of that petro breathing :)

    a blessing that my nervousness did't start to amp up until today.

  3. LoudounLib7:35 PM

    Do those breathing exercises a'la Petro -- they really do work! I'm happy for you and your progress through all of this. Sending good karma...

  4. thanks ll -- that petro breathing thang is how i've gotten through all the procedures to date.

  5. I don't know if saying "good luck" is the right thing or not, so I'll just wish you well. Hope things get better soon.

    Things certainly got cold, didn't they? This is the first night in almost a week I won't be worrying about my pipes freezing. Even better, it looks like it's supposed to snow sometime this weekend.

    I thought El Nino was supposed to prevent all this.

  6. thanks cujo -- am home with a very stingy mouth (now the shots are wearing off) and the teeth are in water waiting for the oozing to stop and some of the swelling to go down.

    much warmer today -- its 44 (only 2 layers today) that is like a heat wave -- but weather dood said freezing rain and/or snow by tonight.