Friday, December 11, 2009


Proof -- yes those are mine. They are now back in the container (with water). My mouth is still swollen and oozing from the five extractions today. I go back Monday afternoon to have the fit tweaked -- thinning above the front teeth so my upper lip doesn't look (and feel) 'fat' -- the left side is a little long and needs to be reduced in back so it doesn't trip my gag reflex. Going to take some time to get used to them.

All in all, I'm doing ok. Taking it easy and taking my pain pills.

Am all set to hunker down for the freezing rain expected to hit tonight. Portland and the entire Willamette Valley is going to get hammered worse than I will. Tis warmer than it has been. Got up to 44 today and it is only 30 outside at the moment. This was tonight's sunset.

Those clouds coming up from the south (the left side of the picture) are the leading edge of that warm moist air coming up from California.


  1. LoudounLib8:03 PM

    Check out those pearly whites! Yay, you! :-D Wishing you a restful weekend as you recover from the extractions.

  2. thanks ll -- they look pretty darn spiffy in my mouth -- give me a great smile.

    the worst is behind me (whew) now i just have to get the plate tweaked and i'm gonna be able to start wearing *gasp* makeup again

  3. If it's any consolation, they're much whiter than my teeth.

  4. hey cujo -- they are whiter than mine too -- i figure they are whiter to provide an incentive to brush more :)

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    At last, a beautiful lady gets her smile back. Hoo rah!
    I felt like such a wuss when I went in yesterday for the impressions for my new implanted tooth. Well I paid for any smugness that may have been lurking about. The lower tray rested in such a way on my gum that the danged thing HURT the whole time. I suspected that you were sending me a gentle gig.
    I hope your healing goes well and quickly, and that you'll enjoy the great delight of smiling easily and often.

  6. i'm the wuss skeptic -- i've only been able to wear the plate for a whooping 10 minutes at a time today. an improvement from the 2 minutes last night. *sigh*

    still pretty swollen but the oozing ended last night.

    and woohoo for getting an implant. dr a assured me that i would still be able to get implants -- that he was doing nothing that would prevent me (other than that whole money thang).

  7. Yay teeth! They look wonderful and you are very brave.

  8. thanks eg -- they will look even better when i can wear them for longer periods of time than i can now.

    baby steps -- each day is better and i make more progress.

  9. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Oh, they're pretty, Suzanne!

    Loo Hoo.

  10. thanks loohoo -- i think they look very natural

  11. Anonymous11:37 PM



  12. aren't they grand sunny!

  13. OK OK Suz now that we have seen your teeth on your knee(?) lets see them where they ya trap (:>))
    seriously take a self portrait and show us your beautiful Smile!!

  14. Congrats honey!
    Soon the pain will all be a distant memory.
    Looking forward to seeing you wif yer new teefs.

  15. i'm not camera ready yet nahant. patience grasshopper

    hey busted -- am hoping to be wearing them when i see ya sunday.