Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here Comes The Gray

To be truthful, it has been pretty gray here all day. Weather dood says it will be raining off and on most of this week and is forecasting a soggy New Years Eve and Day. This gray sunset is about the best I figure I'll get for a while. So far no rain -- just clouds but that will change.

Nothing really new -- a day spent kicking back enjoying the clouds coming up from the southwest and putzing around the flat. Have a pot of ham and beans that has been simmering all afternoon -- gonna be tasty over rice. Tis a mix of pintos and red beans and has ham from my Christmas spiral ham. Tomorrow the de-boned ham slices remaining go into the freezer for future meals. I picked up some yukon gold potatoes at the store earlier this week which will also go great with the beans at a later date.

Am looking forward to being able to eat regular food soon -- not that there is anything wrong with soft but I am getting tired of it. Will be a good thing to be able to eat without having to worry about a tooth breaking or how gum-able it is.

Have finally gotten over most of the gags with the upper plate. Am able to wear them longer -- long enough to get some sore spots. Have an appt tomorrow with Dr. A for tweaking. The good news is that it will be tweaking for fit and not gagging.

*Big Smile*

The hired girls didn't come by yesterday -- they let me know ahead of time that they would be spending the day celebrating with their grandma and was told to call when I was needed them to stop by to bring up wood. I've lugged up a couple loads of wood both yesterday and today and left them a message today. I figure they will stop by tomorrow after my tweak and stock me up with enough wood to last through the week.


  1. My achin' fuckin' back.

    Happy Holidays honey, Hugz.

    My buddy has another POS I am looking at, we will get you something reasanouble eventually.

    Sheet metal damage we can deal with, depenadability is the main issue.

  2. go rest up that back busted. no rush babe.

    hope your winds die down soon

  3. Apparently spelling is out the window tonight.

  4. fork am i typoing already? dang dood -- that usually shows up later in the evening (laughing)