Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday Sunset

This was Saturday's sunset.

Thanksgiving Day I had a horrible headache by the time I arrived at Jen and Mike's. It was great seeing them and her brother-in-law and his wife and their teens again. It reminded me that I had spent last Thanksgiving with all of them at the time share up in Seaside and what fun that day was.

The food was cooking and smelled wonderful. The more wonderful it smelled the queasier I got. When I ended up visiting the porcelain goddess, I knew that I was going to have to leave.

Before dinner.

The first Thanksgiving Dinner that Jen had prepared.

Big sigh.

Jen was so understanding but I still felt like the Worst. Mom. Ever. I promised her I would come back Sunday and we would celebrate with leftovers.

I stopped ralphing about 30 minutes before I got home. Didn't feel like eating anything the rest of the night. Friday felt better -- headache still there but not any where near as bad and by Saturday it was just a slight twinge over my left eye.

Sunday I was supposed to meet up with my boss, the Really Big Guy, as he vacations a wee bit south of me every Thanksgiving week. He and his wife were my very first visitors after I moved into this place last year. We were planning on a same time next year visit but I called and left a voice mail explaining that I was going to have to cancel our visit.

Sunday I drove to Mike and Jen's and had a great time. We looked at kitchens in a magazine and ate and talked about the type of house they want to buy and what areas. She sent me home with a buttload of leftovers, including the bird carcass and reassurances that I was not the Worst. Mom. Ever.

I'm gonna make turkey rice soup -- a post-Thanksgiving tradition. Think thanksgiving dinner in a soup. Yummy yummy -- and with all that fantabulous herb under the skin turkey, and the yukon gold smashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream mashed into them, and the green been casserole (with added roasted garlic), and all the other mah-vah-lous things that Jen fixed in the soup -- this year's turkey rice soup is bound to be a winner.

Sun, Monday and tonight's sunsets were not. They were gray and cloud filled. Fingers and toes crossed for color to go with the clear (and very cold) weather ahead. Gotta bunch of firewood stacked up next to the stove and am wearing layers. Ran into town today and picked up a new coffee maker (mine died) and warm socks. A cold dry air mass is headed this way -- weather dood says no chance of snow since it is dry air but it is gonna be cold enough to snow if that air wasn't dry. Same type of arctic air that brought us snow last December. All the cold and none of the eye candy. Brrr.


  1. Sorry Suzanne. You're better now and still got some of the good stuff. Want snow I have some.

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I've been out of the loop for awhile. What's the status of 'the smile'? I thought last Tues was the big day; and I probably misunderstand. I can't imagine much of anything that could get between you and your new smile!
    By the by, I love the pictures you post. My kitchen window faces west and my big joy is seeing all the rainbows created around the kitchen by the various crystals I have hanging in the window and on the sill. Skeptic

  3. hey one fly. thank you but no thank you. if i had a place with a heater i probably wouldn't be so obsessive over weather. instead i look at the stack of wood and the falling temps and run calculations in my head.....

  4. hey skeptic -- big tooth day is 12/11. a week from friday. i had appts on consecutive weds for several weeks for tweaking the molds so the upper plate will fit properly.

    i've thought of doing the crystals on my west facing living room windows. i used to have a crystal hanging from my rear view mirror so i could get those rainbows inside the car.