Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glad I'm Here Today

A wee bit of sun in between rain bands this afternoon. Did not know if I had gotten the eagles flying in this picture until I downloaded it -- they are easier to see if ya click on the picture. The big guys hung around the cove today. Tis nice to have the eagles back now the tourists have gone away.

Snowing in Portland this afternoon. By the time of the evening commute there was estimates of 3 to 5 inches of snow at various locations throughout the Portland Metro area. The local tv stations were making me glad I was watching rain at the coast. Traffic was ugly with a capitol ugh.

A day to enjoy inside with a blazing fire chasing the damp chill away. Has been 37 since sunset so it looks like it is not going to cool off a lot this evening. Another storm is headed this way -- a wetter and warmer storm -- expected to arrive New Years Eve and make for a soggy holiday.

Am glad that I'll be spending the holiday at home -- tis my favorite holiday pastime. Jen (the hired muscle) and Gary (the woodguy) stopped by yesterday afternoon and brought up and stacked up enough wood next to the stove to keep me warm for the rest of the week. Gary will be out later this week to deliver more.

Saw Dr A yesterday for upper plate tweaking -- he is pleased with my progress, made the adjustments I expected in the areas I expected and said I don't have to return for two weeks -- adding his usual please call if there are any problems in the meantime caveat.

Picked up a total of 0.28 inches so far. Annual rainfal total is 24.26 inches since October 1st.


  1. Nice post Suz (:>))
    Keep that Yodel stoked and stay warm. Love the Eagles, too bad ya don't have a longer lens... I suffer the same with my camera..
    See ya @ the Lake..

  2. thanks nahant -- sometimes they are closer to this side of the bay -- and occasionally i've caught them bathing in the creek. they really are magnificent birds