Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stephanie Sarah Irene Bankston

26 weeks yesterday. 6 months per the calendar. 183 days and sleepless nights. enough already stephanie. you've made your point. you've missed your sister's birthday, your father's, and mine. i'm pretty sure that we won't hear from you for christmas either if you have it your way. this is beyond cruel. it is destructive to the relationships and the people you walked away from. you may think that you are protecting us from your lies but we know about them and we want you back in spite of them because we love you. we are not 'better off' without you. we are your family and we are incomplete without you in our lives.

the longer you are gone, the worse that pain gets. we don't 'get over' you, stephanie. i know in my heart of hearts that i will never speak to nor see you again and will die never knowing what happened to my baby girl. i am broken, both in heart and spirit. you did this. you caused this. and only you can fix it stephanie sarah irene bankston -- only you can fix this. say something.

say something. please. a postcard. a message left on voicemail from an untraceable number. it does not matter where you are. what matters is that you put a stop to this silence before it is too late. we all have a limited time on this earth. you have squandered 6 months of that precious time and it can not be recovered. please contact someone before it is too late. only you can fix this. say something. i love you.