Monday, December 14, 2009

Tweak One

Saw Dr. A this afternoon for tweaking of the teeth. He removed the excess length in the back that was causing my gag reflex to trip and tweaked a few spots.

I have a sore spot behind where my front teeth used to be that he checked out -- it is definitely raw and irritated and is probably from the injections Friday. No wonder my mouth has been so stingy. It is on the curve behind the front teeth that goes up to the roof of the mouth. It hurts to put the teeth in but once they are seated, the plate does not irritate it.

He told me it will heal best without the plate in and that I had been doing all the right things to take care of it (whew). I figured he was going to be disappointed because I was walking in carrying the teeth instead of wearing them but he said to leave them out as much as possible while it heals. Said healing was more important at this stage than building tolerance -- which is going to take a while since I am a newbie to dentures.

I go back for more tweaking Wednesday afternoon. He really is a perfectionist about fit -- a very good thing.

The swelling is receding and the soreness is down to tolerable levels. Dr A said that the plate may even feel loose as my mouth returns to normal and showed me where (and where not) to use that glue stuff (if needed). I don't think I will need to use it -- the plate really fits the roof of my mouth well and creates a good suction.

Had some drizzle start last night that continued today. Changed to rain while I was at the dentist -- not a heavy downpour but a steady gentle rain. Picked up almost half an inch so far. Weather dood's forecast is for rain for most of the week but that it should taper off by the weekend. Am under another High Wind Warning which means I'll have to bring in the bird feeder (once the birds quit feeding for the afternoon). The winds haven't kicked up -- yet.


  1. Good news, glad to hear it!

  2. Where is the beautiful smile?? come on share that new smile with all your supporters!!

  3. thans busted

    nahant dood -- didja even read what i wrote -- i am not supposed to wear the teeth due to that spot.... *eye rolling*

    can't take a pic until i can wear the teeth -- unfortunately, i have to follow dr a's timetable -- not yours.

  4. Heal well and soon, S. This reminds me of my grandmother's story (except with a happier ending) - she was an Irish gal with a jaw of iron whose party trick was to open beer bottles with her teeth, an impressive stunt which wowed the room for many decades...until a growing pain in the mouth led her to seek out some dentistry - and she was informed that there were cracks in the enamel of all 32 of her natural teeth, many unsalvageable.

    Use the edge of the counter like the pros, kids.


  5. holy moly db -- i swear, i haven't been opening beer bottles (or any kinda bottle) with my teeth.