Friday, January 01, 2010

Hippo Gnu Deer

Wind blew over my rain collection station so my rain totals are all forked up. Had a hella time getting the fire to start today -- there was a huge downdraft blowing down the chimney that kept blowing smoke into the room. Once I finally got the flue heated the smoke started going up instead of out :)

Uprighted my rain station but the screen cover is probably somewhere in Kansas. I had 2.62 inches of rainfall when I went to bed last night -- no data for today but the airport in Tillamook received 0.72 inches so far today. Not an accurate reading for here -- I usually get more rain then they do but it will have to do. Rainfall total so far for the New Year's storm is 3.34 inches bringing the year to date total of 27.60 inches since October 1st.

No picture up top -- too windy out there and there really isn't much to see -- everything is gray, wet, and wind whipped. Wind gusts in the 20's and 30's -- a great day to stay inside with the fire blazing (finally) and Token curled up on my lap. He still doesn't like the wind but has finally stopped barking at it.

Hippo Gnu Deer -- I can't believe I've had over 25,000 visitors since starting this wee little blog. Thanks to all that take time to stop by and a special thanks to those who say howdy in the comments.


  1. Stay dry and stay warm. Today is a comfort food day.


  2. thanks busted -- i've got the fire going and a pot of potato onion cheese ham soup going...