Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Blooms

The big rhoddy off the front deck.

One of the apple trees.

Sunshine and showers today. Supposed to be clear skies and down into the 30's tonight. Good thing I have my helpers come every Saturday, bring up a week's worth of wood and do other chores. This week, after wood, I'm gonna have them tackle the eat-in kitchen floors. Showers forecast for the rest of the week but the Weather Dood says it will clear up and warm up this weekend. May even hit the 80's.

Token went to the doggie beauty shop today and immediately rolled around on the driveway when we got home. He has been unable, so far, to rub off the nice smell remaining from his shampoo.


  1. Your recent pics look like a slice of a forever green heaven . . .


    Keep 'em comin . . . . simply fabulous . . . *waves*

  2. thanks larue - it is green here year round - no more seeing the hills turning that ugly baby shit yellow brown color every summer down in ca.

    tis a blustery rainy night tonight but the weather dood is still saying sunny this weekend at the coast.