Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Late afternoon yesterday, I heard a loud honking outside. Looked out my living room window and saw two geese walking on the mudflats (low tide), cross the creek and then follow the shore to the north. I snapped a few pictures of them. They were honking back and forth, raising quite a ruckus.

Winds been blowing hard and it was pouring down rain until a couple hours ago so I did not get to take a photo of the starting to bloom rhododendron (rhoddy) by the front deck. I think it is going to be spectacular - the scent is quite strong and perfumes the air. Of course, this wind has me hunkered down inside with the doors and windows closed. Can't wait for the wind to die down so I can walk out and take a good look. Wind is still gusting hard and should ease by morning and then pick up again in the afternoon - hopefully not as strong as Monday. Tuesday, the car is going in for an oil change and I need to pick up some coffee beans.

Rain being blown against the windows now. Still have bands of showers passing through. I need to get off my tushkie and buy a forking weather station I can set up here. That way I'll know precisely how hard the wind is blowing, how much rain I've gotten, etc. Been looking online - am thinking maybe about an Oregon Scientific, wireless with base station that hooks into the computer. I can then have my own Weather Underground site.

Now that my POD is in Portland, I can start to make a few runs to the pod-house and pack some stuff into my car. I put some stuff I knew I knew I would need near the front door. Am starting to think about where I can put stuff - my cookbooks(!), the coffee table, my desk, etc

The fire has kept it toasty tonight - am thankful to Gary my wood guy for stacking a bunch inside for me earlier this week and then topping off the stack when he delivered the other half of the cord Saturday. Not having to do the stairs these past few days has helped my fake knee calm down nicely. I've enjoyed doing nothing, magnificently.


  1. 'I heard a loud honking outside.'

    Sure that wasn't Busted's truck?


  2. (laughing) naw, db, busted's truck does that loud throaty sorta like rolling thunder noise...