Sunday, May 17, 2009


Foggy. Inland had wonderful weather with temps in the mid to high 70's. Portland is supposed to be just as lovely tomorrow. Here, however, was a different story.

Fog that did not burn off all day. Still, was warm (in the 50's) and it is still 55 outside at this late hour. A very soft day. A good day to stay in my jammies and putz around the house. I took plenty of breaks, spending plenty of time in front of the living room windows, watching the birds dancing on wisps of fog.

Did venture out for a wee bit - onto the deck. The blue flower is blooming in the flowerbed alongside the house - this was taken looking down on it and with lotsa zoom. Not sure what it is.

The rhoddy on the north side is full of blooms - it didn't lose as many as I thought it would in last week's wind storm. You can see the smaller rhoddy in front of it is not in bloom yet and get a peak at a third rhoddy to the right (also not in bloom yet).


  1. Teh Gloom! Oh Teh Gloom!

    So, like, what are Rhoddy's?

    Hip me sister . . .


  2. rhoddys are rhododendrons - flowering bushes - the majority of the ones here are old and tree sized. the house is 100 years old - they are believed to be planted by the original owner. On the other side of the house, i can look out my dining room window and be looking at blooms - and i'm on the second story.