Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birds And Sun

Tis a lovely day at the peaceful retreat on the bay. Token and I spent a great deal of time this afternoon out on the front deck, watching the barn swallows swope and dive and chase each other, their forked tails making them easily identifiable. When these two guys flew overhead in large lazy circles, all the smaller birds ducked for cover. They landed atop one of the large trees on the north side, unfortunately, with their backs facing me.

This little barn swallow didn't hide and maintained the lookout spot atop the roof ridge above my front door, sounding the alarm until after the eagles moved on.

Got up to 71 today, with white puffy clouds in the sky. The wind that has hung around the past few days has stilled. The only sounds are the birds and an occasional vehicle passing by - even the roar of the surf on the other side of the spit seems muted.


  1. It seems like yer having yer own Walden's Pond Experience, Suz . . .

    How do you DO this without others around ya?

    It seems, so . . . . . remote and alone?

    And yet, the pics and your commentary are for the world to see and read.

    Mindblown, is this Larue . . . thanks for the pics and thoughts. Them eagles are incredible to see, even from the back . . . wow . . .

  2. i have a downstairs neighbor - and there are neighbors and an overhead street lamp that i can see at night. but yeah, it is kinda waldenish larue. i had not realized that until ya mentioned it.

    thank ye dood

    and yeah, the eagles are fucking awesome - there are several around here - love to watch them.