Friday, May 01, 2009

One Piece At A Time

Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time.

The BratMobile is now officially an Oregon car. My duplicate pink slip (title) finally arrived from CA DMV so I took it to ODOT (Oregon DMV) this afteroon. The lady there was ever so helpful - she filled out all the paperwork, told me where to sign, and even put the tabs on both plates for me. Bonus points: my registration is good for 2 years! Was not required to get a smog check either nor any of that back and forth the CA DMV puts ya through. All I have to do is find a pointy headed screwdriver so I can take off the CA plates and put on the Oregon ones.

Guess I am officially an Oregonian now. My POD is in Portland at the Pod warehouse. My Oregon drivers license is good for 8 years and the car license for 2. I even have an Oregon cell phone number now.

Sunshine all day and we hit 71 before it clouded over. Smells like rain. I hung up my new squirrel proof (and bigger bird proof) birdfeeder on the front deck, filled it with goodies, and have been enjoying watching the smaller birds for a change. It is identical to the one I had in Boulder Creek - I gave that one to the cabin's new owner as a housewarming present.


  1. It was a good day for you Suzanne.

  2. aye, it was one fly. it really didn't feel real until i got those oregon plates. now i'm committed to oregon and it feels good.

  3. Heh, great song linky for yer story . . .*G*

    Congrats on settling in, and letting yer knee and back tell ya for what.

    Now sit and enjoy . . . love the pics below two posts or so.

    I N V U! *G* *waves*

  4. thanks larue, never thought that i would end up in a place that others envy. i do pinch myself at this turn of good luck. glad ya liked the tune downstairs - got turned onto it by mr why in one of my recent late late nite threads - i think it was mr why - not sure.