Saturday, May 02, 2009


Tis a blustery day today. A series of spring storms will have us like this all week. Not as cold as a winter storm - was still 57 outside last nite at midnight - but only hit 54 today. Overcast, with bands of rain that blow through, and the winds have the old place creaking like a ship on a stormy sea.

Am having occasional sun breaks this afternoon - but the sunhine only lasts for a few moments before the clouds cover it back up. These second picture was taken immediately after the first - they show how quickly the day changes.


  1. So, ya wanna get 110F from June thru August?

    Come here.

    I didn't think so.

    If we had money and decent wheels, we'd move up there with ya.

    Park on yer road, poach yer land, tent on yer back pasture.


    But we'd make a garden, and I'd cook for yas . . . and honey would be the waitress . . .

    Want commune? LOLOLOL

  2. dood, if this was my land... that would be one hella party. unfortunately, i'm a renter here and my landlord is out at least twice a month to work at her art studio.

    i moved away from that heat for a reason - my mom and my sister are both desert kiinda folks loving that heat. me - i like the green and the rain, contrary to rumor, i do not melt. *g*

    shit, does this mean ya won't cook for me and honey won't be waitressing the table? fork