Thursday, May 28, 2009

Low Tide

This week we have had some very low tides. The only water visible in the bay in the picture up top is the water from creeks feeding it. The Oregonian had an article yesterday about the low tides - tis worth the read and I am looking forward to the even lower low tides in late June.

Sunny but breezy today. High was 77 but with gusts of 10 from the northwest, it felt chilly. Have started the fire in the stove to chase the chill (in addition to putting on a long sleeved shirt). A day spent not much but yet one wherein I felt like I got a lot done.

Tomorrow, I'm heading into town to pick up planter boxes, dirt, and other supplies. I'll leave the heavy stuff in the car for Saturday girls - the two teens I rent each Saturday do all the heavy lifting for me - bringing up wood along with household chores I have difficulty doing. The nursery plants seem to be acclimating well and I hope to plant them Saturday afternoon or Sunday.


  1. 86 at three o'clock, I was already sweating my balls off before I checked the official weather channel.
    Lot's of fun running around in a shop with concrete floors to begin with.
    Funny, you have extremely low tides and we have very high river levels right now, they must be dumping water out of the dam.

  2. was a lovely day here today with high's in the mid-70's - until the fog rolled in shortly after 4pm. it was more like a storm cell that never developed rain. lotsa low clouds. they finally moved on shortly before sunset but before that, i had already lit the fire in the stove to chase away the chill and damp in the air.

    i heard it got up to 40 at the summit of hood today - snow melt and dam releases in anticipation of more snow melt is my guess on the high river levels.