Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Herbs and Blooms

Went to Waterfall Farms nursery yesterday and picked up some herbs and blooms. Got 3 geraniums - one the larger purple ya see in the picture up top and two smaller red ones in the white basket with the herbs. The reds are to go in pots by the back door and replace the reds the snow froze.

Picked up some basil, a lemon thyme, creeping rosemary - just the usual kitchen herb plants. I can't remember all the varieties right now and since it is drizzling, I'm not going out to look. They are currently in their nursery pots on the front deck where I took these pictures yesterday. Still have to get planter boxes and potting soil along with more plants.

Been overcast all day and now we have the drizzles. A comfy 57 outside and the cozy fire in the stove has inside an even comfy-er 71. The Cape is invisible - covered entirely with clouds. The spit is visible but probably won't be for long since fog is forecast - it too will fade into the mists. Weather dood said the sun will return tomorrow.


  1. Damn, poetry in pics, in words, and in motion . . .

    A sense of Being There . . . you do it.

    Thanks Suz!!!! *G*

    Gardens R Us! lol

  2. I like the picture on the top!

  3. thanks larue and one fly.

    i bought that 'pansy flower' purple geranium thinking it would be perfect next to that old lime green adirondack deck chair - and it is :) twas bigger than i wanted to get (and more expensive than the smaller pots) but i just could not resist.