Monday, April 17, 2006


Here comes the sun, do do do da!

The forecast is for sunshine all week - well, until the weekend. This picture is looking past the fuschia outside my dining room window and across my front yard. You can see how green everything is - it should be after all that rain. My poor tulips and daffs are rather beaten down. The good news about the rain was it kept the deer away from my blooms - the flip side is now that its not raining, my yard will be prime feeding territory. The wild strawberries are flowering. The wild morning glory is also starting to bloom.

Spring is truly spring up here on the mountain. I'm looking forward to the wisteria blooming. There is an old oak tree near me that has a wisteria that twists around the trunk to the top of the tree - a good 80 feet. When it blooms it is a site to behold.


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Suz, that's a lovely pic. Yes, the rain makes everything green. Sorry the rain beat down your flowers. The wisteria you mentioned, another think we have in common. I grew up in Sierra Madre, a small town east of Pasadena. Every year they have a Wisteria Festival and the wisteria is the largest in the known world. Hmm, I've never seen it. When you get the chance, can you take a pic of the wisteria for me? Spring has sprung down here too. How was your lamb dinner last night? H&K

  2. Joanie:

    I'm planning on taking one when it is in bloom. I've seen the one in Sierra Madre on tv - maybe the Huell Howser "California Gold". I think it was a PBS. Thing is HUGE, taking up more than one back yard. It just spills and spills blooms. You should make it a day trip to head over there this spring and see it.