Saturday, April 08, 2006

Presidency A Cancer On The Nation

"It all has an eerily familiar ring, but something is very different this time around. We’re no longer talking about a cancer on the presidency, but a presidency that’s a cancer on the nation."

That is how the editorial of the Scranton, PA Times Tribune ends.

For those not old enough to remember, John Dean during the Nixon years:

“There is a cancer on the presidency,” Mr. Dean famously said, advising Mr. Nixon to come clean with the public and begin distancing himself from the “plumbers” who carried out the break-in and other “dirty tricks” against the president’s political and ideological enemies. Mr. Nixon, of course, refused.

FireDogLake has more, including:

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White House Defends Leak as "In the Public Interest" (NYDaily News via San Jose Mercury News)

Leak-Hating President as Leaker (ABCNews)

Too bad King George 43 doesn't read papers. I wonder who is brave enough among his staff to tell him what has finally happened - the American Press appears to have gotten off their lazy, cocktail weinie asses and are actually reporting, instead of just repeating the Republican Talking Points.

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