Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back Amongst The Living

I am back amongst the living again, or so it feels. Thanks for the well wishes, Joanie. Feels good to be back on my feet again. Tis a fine spring day, as evidenced by this snapshot of the creek taken late this morning.

You can see by the debris pile on the right bank of the creek just how much lower the water is. The jays are screeching, dive-bombing the brazen-hussy squirrels. Both have young now and are competing for food and tree space and protecting their nests. Both like oaks - I have three different types of oak in my property in addition to the redwoods, but they like the big old oaks that reach up 80' or so. I have one of these giants out front and it does not have any branches that hang over me.

I know my neighbor across the drive does not like it when the squirrels take up in his large oak. They toss acorns down on his roof, which he describes as sounding similar to a large hailstorm or perhaps machine-gun fire. He has described the brazen-hussy squirrels as taking particular pleasure in raining down the acorns around 5am. He is rooting for the jays to take possession of his tree this year but...they are not called brazen-hussy squirrels for nothing.

I should be seeing this year's crop of fawns soon. Most warm evenings, I can sit on my deck at dusk and watch Mama Deer and babies walk alongside the creek. Dad usually is several yards ahead, scouting the terrain.

Last night, I saw one of the largest raccoons I have seen up here. I was walking the dogs and they both were very good and stayed right by me. I think the fact the raccoon was bigger than the dogs had something to do with their decision. He was strolling down the path to the beach, nonchalantly ignoring us.


  1. Glad you are feeling better mama. If you lived closer, I could have been YOUR nurse nancy. LOVE YOU BUNCHES mama cat. :) :)

  2. Thanks, Jennifer W Dot. Naomi did a good job of Nurse Nancying me AND leaving me alone. Of course, she does not have your special touch...but she did a wonderful job of helping out as she could. She was taken to ER via ambulance late Sunday night after several hours of continuous vomiting. Fortunately, Barry had recovered from his version of it when she came down with it, and she had recovered from it when it was my turn. It is an off your feet for 24 hours kinda bug that keeps one close to the facilities and incapable of doing anything else. Sounds like something the White House and our current Administration could benefit from.

    Love you bunches and wads too, baby brat. :)