Monday, April 10, 2006

My Father The Veteran

Today would have been my father's 80th birthday. He died three and a half years ago from leukemia. My dad served with honor in the United States Navy for 20 years and retired. He then served the Army in a civilian job as a butcher in the Commissary at the Presidio, San Francisco until he retired from that job too.

The cuts to Vet benefits dishonor my father and all vets. My father would be livid if he were to see how our government is treating its veterans. They are nickle and diming our injured soldiers, docking their pay while they are receiving medical treatment for service injuries, and then cutting them loose, telling them they are discharged (and therefore, no longer of interests to the government). So long, see ya, don't let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out!

My father was an honorable man. When he was serving, our Government made promises in return for his service. The G.I. Bill of Rights is based on those promises. My father honored his committments, just as our soldiers today do. Unfortunately for today's vets, our Government is no longer honorable and breaks its promises to those that have kept theirs.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Suz, that was a lovely tribute to your father. And yes, it's a damn shame about the government cutting benefits. Is the GI Bill still around?
    I often forget thar you and I were both military brats - you Navy, me Army. And your father and my step father were both butchers, or as they like to call it now "meat cutters." Sounds nicer.
    Have a lovely day.
    H&K, Joanie

  2. Thanks, Joanie. My dad's birthday always makes me miss him. He really was a good man and I wish he was still here.