Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gloomy and Grey

It is gloomy and grey outside. No sun, just steel grey clouds and a cold bite in the air that calls the thermometer a liar for saying it is 56 degree outside. The bright green of the trees seems to be muted and drab and the creek has shifted to a greenish-grey that signals just how cold that water must be. Very few birds at my bird feeder and even the brazen-hussy squirrels are laying low.

My housemates are both sick with a nasty bug going around town and are down for at least the day.

Even the dogs seems to be down. They are not as active, just seem to be going through the motions. A vacation cabin across the creek is for sale and a realtor was showing it today. Usually the dogs bark wildly on my deck when anyone is over there. Today - just a few wussy "woofs" and then back inside to lay in B-man's lap as he snoozes on his recliner.

Tis a day to be in front of the fire, reading a book, drinking coffee or hot chocolate, and laying low.

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