Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Morning After

Spent the evening at The Blue Sun, a restaurant in town, that was having a gospel group in for the night, Additionally, my friend, Naomi's art show, a 2 day event, is being held there. That house was a'rockin!

The Mellonaires are a great 8 man gospel group with a old time Motown look and sound to them. They reminded me of great groups like the Temptations, or Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, all dressed in matching suits and ties with a style and polish that comes from years of performing. The singers included a Bishop, Deacon, and Reverend backed up with drums, bass, electric guitar and keyboard. Oh, those fantastic voices and harmony had everyone on their feet, clapping and swaying to the music. Sunday churchifying on a Friday night. Wonderful!

I have never been in a restaurant before where the dinner guests were dancing either in their chairs (literally) or while standing near their tables and all the wait staff and kitchen staff were dancing in the aisles as they brought food and beverages. The chef even came out of his kitchen and was groovin to the music! Ohmygoodness, what an evening! I would say the youngest person last night was about 8 months old and the oldest had to be at least 80. A fine time was had by all.

Naomi sold 3 pieces (whoopie-ki-a) and her show continues tonight. The Blue Sun is a cafe during the week and only does dinners twice a week, Friday and Saturday. Each weekend has a different musical group for each night's dinner - tonight, George, my mechanic, and his band are playing. He is one heck of a harmonica player (in addition to being able to fix the VW). George also plays occasionally with my neighbor, Barry's band. Barry and Naomi are wonderful neighbors and good friends. Now that they are staying at my house while remodeling theirs, we are almost like family. Now I understand those hippie communes back in the 60's more.

No picture this morning. It is cold and drizzly (got another 1/4" of rain overnight) and my knee is too sore to be out and about with the camera this morning. I actually turned the heater on this morning, even though it is April. I usually turn the heater off April 1st and refuse to turn it back on until after my birthday, mid-October. But this morning is damp and cold and I need the heater to warm me and my knee up enough to be able to bring in firewood and start the woodstove.

I'll have to make it up to all 3 of you that read me tomorrow with a bonus picture.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Sounds like you had a fabulous evening! Sorry to hear your knee is sore - is that from all that dancing last night? H&K

  2. Naw, I kept the dancing to a minimum last night. But I was on my feet for longer than usual and I think that, combined with the drizzle and cold last night is making it ache. Also, I have another storm headed this way, supposed to hit this evening with showers and "cold rain" Sun. Double yuck on the cold part!

    I've got wood in now and have the fire started. It will take a while to really get going but will help big time with the dampness.