Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bush Approved Leaking

I spend the day out of touch of the news and my computer and *wham* come home to learn that Bush knew all along about the leaking - he approved it!

The President Who Is Above The Law (according to the United States Attorney General) already has a bad track record regarding torture, illegal wiretapping of Americans on American soil, the false information given to Congress and the American people in the lead up to the Iraq War, issuing "signing statements" when he signs laws that he has no intention of following by attaching a statement of non-intention after the press leave, and now it comes out he authorized the disclosure of an undercover CIA agent to a reporter. He outted an undercover spy for OUR government to a reporter because of a potential political problem for his more than one year away 2004 re-election campaign.

That President wants me to trust him? I trust him about as much as I trust my second ex-husband, another lying, manipulative control freak.

It is this life-long Republican's point of view that Bush needs to be impeached for high crimes against the American people. A sitting President cannot be tried in a criminal trial while still President. There is no such protection for the Vice President. Indict Cheney. Impeach Bush.

Clear the liars and self-serving politicals out of Washington. Dismantle the K Street Project and stop ripping off the American people to line their own pockets. I am in favor of MY representatives in Washington spending their time representing ME instead of raising donations for their next election campaign.

Boxer gets it regarding Feingold's Censure Motion. When is Feinstein going to? I just got her email newsletter and NOT ONE WORD is mentioned about it. When is enough enough? Isn't the incomplete list of items I mentioned in my first paragraph enough?

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