Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Moment of Sunshine

Let me start off saying that I know nothing about any bunnies with missing ears. Ditto for any AWOL Peeps.

The sun came out long enough to grab some pictures on my deck. The dogs are enjoying the sunshine too. The second picture is looking north from my deck. The honeysuckle I bought last year is sprouting new leaves and you can also see the new maple leaves. Creek is still churning out all of the water upstream and still has a lot of silt. It normally runs very clear.

We got 1-1/4 inches since last night putting my total rainfall so far at 74 inches. The sunshine feels great but is, alas, only temporary - more rain on the way followed by some cold temperatures according to the weather dude.

I've got a boneless leg of lamb in the oven, with slivers of garlic embedded on all sides. I rubbed it first with lots of pepper and other spices and am slow roasting it. Naomi is going to make her fresh asparagus in addition to her fabulous rice with mushrooms. The smells coming from the kitchen are keeping the dogs underfoot.

Wishing you and yours the joys of Spring renewal.


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Suz, nice pics of the doggies and the beautiful spring growth. What I'm more excited about, however, is that leg of lamb in the oven with garlic slivers. Yummy! I think I'm gonna have to defrost my small rack of lamb - don't know if it will be ready by dinner time.
    Thanks for making me hungry. H&K
    Enjoy your dinner and friends.

  2. (aw, shucks, scruffing boot in dirt)

    Joanie, glad I inspired your appetite - nothing like a good rack of lamb to make your tummy feel good.

    Jen, you are just a sucker for any mention of peeps and/or missing bunny ears (laughing)