Thursday, April 06, 2006

Old Voices

Was nicing reading comments from some old friends here at TTGB. Sorry about missing TF in the invite I sent out - I was worried about AOL and their TOS. Right after 9/11 I sent out an email to many friends in NYPD/FD/EMS and got TOS'd over the number of email addresses on one email. When I called, their "customer service representative" agreed that the email I sent was not spam and reinstated my account. I was not able to get an actual number from AOL about how many are allowed.

Anyway, to those of you who I forgot and were forwarded, like TF, please accept my apology for not including you. It really was not intentional.

Let's use this Old Voices thread to catch up. Just click on the comments button.

And, for all 3 of you that read this, I had added to the link section in the sidebar. So far, the links are those that I check each day. All cover a variety of issues and are very well written. Except for that CHP link - that's just for us Callyfornian's futile attempt to figure out if we can get there from here and how bad it is going to be.

GOOD NEWS: Jennifer and Mike have found a 3 bedroom place! For you old voices/fonts - sit down. Are you ready? I actually like my daughter's boyfriend. What a shock! Nice guy even if he is a Coastie instead of Navy.

1 comment:

  1. WHAT????

    You LIKE MY BOYFRIEND? I think I may pass out!

    Well, I have to say mom, that makes me so happy!

    I'm glad you like him because I love him. :) And that would SUCK if you didn't approve.

    Since you aren't close enough for me to hug right now, I'm doing it in my mind with a HUGE smile on my face. ;) :) :) :) :)