Monday, January 11, 2010


Been decompressing the past couple of days. I was so tired after Saturday's book salon and then hosting my regular Late Late Night post, I was in bed shortly before 1 am (a rarity). Sunday I drove over the Coast Range to Jen's, where we celebrated our delayed Christmas. It was so good to see her and Mike -- ya can tell by the way they look at each other how much they love each other.

Today I had another dental tweaking. I'm still having some gagging problems (but not as bad as I originally did). We are hopeful that it will continue to improve with time. Dr. A said I am healing well but still a little ways to go until that side of my mouth is completely healed and tweaked the right side around one sore spot by a former back molar. I've not had any troubles with the plate on the left side of my mouth -- those teeth were pulled over the summer. Fit hasn't had to be tweaked at all on that side which makes me confident the right side will settle down soon. I go back again in two weeks.

Afterwards, I had a way-overdue haircut in town. Hair is back above my ears and not so shaggy on my face -- woohoo. Finally got the kitchen back into shape -- I had sorely neglected my chores last week and it feels good to have things put back into order. Still gotta do the laundry tho (laughing) but the rain has convinced me to wait until after this storm passes before I venture up and down the stairs carrying a full laundry basket each trip.

Was under another high wind watch last night which has expired. There is still a high surf advisory and its raining pretty steady tonight. When I posted Saturday nite, I neglected to include the rainfall totals -- at that point I had received an additional 1.62 inches. So far today, I've received .70 inches, bringing the year to date total to 33.16 inches since October 1st.

Token has been spending most of this winter under the wood stove or next to one side of it. Bailey cat is usually laying on the other side of the stove (laughing) or curled up on the back of a chair on the other side of the room. Bailey is now 6 and Token will be 5 next month. For being such little critters, they sure do own a big chunk of my heart.


  1. Great Book Salon Suz, and your post was just wonderful!

  2. thanks ellie -- a lotta work but totally worth it. post was dayam hard to start but once i found my start, it did come out well.