Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Behind The Spit

It was raining behind the spit Thursday toward sunset. The skies had finally cleared about an hour before and I thought I would have a chance to see the sunset. The skies were a fabulous blue. As I waited for sunset, the clouds behind the spit darkened, grew in height, and swallowed the sun. As with all pictures I post, if you click on the photo, you get to see the picture much larger. You can then sosrta see the rain falling behind the spit on the right side of the photo.

The rain gauge portion of my outdoor sensor is getting very wonky. It has served me well but is definitely on its last legs. *sigh* Jen got me this weather system many years ago as a Christmas present (she gives the best gifts!). I was living at the cabin and had been recording rain using one of those tube gauges out on the deck. Since it could only hold 6" of rainfall before overflowing, I got wet quite a few times quickly checking the rainfall amount before emptying it, replacing it in its holder, and then scurrying back inside. This automated battery operated rain/outdoor temperature gauge has been wonderfully reliable (and kept me drier).

I'm thinking of getting an automated 'professional' weather system that includes a rain gauge, wind gauge, barometer, humidity, indoor/outdoor temps, etc (and is sturdy enough to withstand Oregon winters). There are several that are out there and I don't know enough to make an informed choice. Still have a lot of research to do but I do know that I want to be able to upload the info into either Weather Underground or Weather Bug. Then I could have my own icon for weather here on Netarts Bay over in the left hand side bar instead of that one for Tillamook. Gotta figure out which software (they use different programs) works well with which systems, and of course, the wifi and my computer.

Been real busy at FireDogLake so I've not gotten out much this week. Was able to make a quick run into Tillamook Wednesday to grab the essentials but next week I will need to do some serious grocery shopping and stocking up.

I'll get the updated rainfall totals figured out and hope to have them posted soon. The winds have calmed down, as has the high surf. Was enjoying watching the occasional breakers' spray above the spit this week. Hope to get up on Cape Lookout soon and take some pictures of the spit and the Pacific.


  1. Hey,

    I found your blog via FDL...then, I saw you lived in Oregon and it sparked my interest.

    I lived in Oregon for about 13 years. Great place! Used to stay about an hour or so away from Bandon and Coosbay. You can't beat the coast!

    I love the blog, keep up the good work.

  2. thanks joel -- been up on netarts bay for a wee bit more than a year. glad you enjoy it and hope you visit often.

    what state ya at now?

  3. Living in TN right now. Spent a couple years in the DFW area for my job when I moved from Oregon.

    Actually, I was just back there in Portland a couple weeks ago.

    Hoping to visit as much as possible

  4. tis a beautiful state joel. and there are some real nice folks up here compared to way folks are in ca.

  5. True that. So how long have you been blogging?

  6. t'will be 4 years this st patty's day. been in oregon a wee bit more than a year -- in my archives (near the bottom on the left sidebare) are my years at the little cabin on the creek in the redwoods of the santa cruz (ca) mountains.