Saturday, January 09, 2010


The FireDogLake Book Salon went well. Here's the link -- go check it out.

I was so nervous -- twas my first time hosting and such a serious topic. Thank goodness for the help and coordination by Bev Wright and the best-behaved readers and commenters on the net.

Ethan Brown wrote a great book -- be sure to check out Shake The Devil Off.


  1. LoudounLib7:08 PM

    Suz, just finished reading the book salon -- you, Ethan and the commenters really knocked it out of the park today! There were so many great questions and comments, and it was nice to see the author so engaged in the conversation. Fantastic job, kudos to you and everone involved!

  2. thanks ll -- it was a hella lotta work getting ready for it -- had to hurry up and finish the book and write it (oy).

    i am very pleased at how well it went and happy that my book salon reflects well on firedoglake.

    i'm beat -- gonna be an interesting late late nite tonight -- my typo to words typed ratio is way up there...and it is still 3 hours before late late nite (laughing)