Monday, January 18, 2010

Spray Above The Spit

That is not a white cloud above the spit -- tis spray from the high surf action going on on the other (Pacific) side. Waves are crashing against the spit and the spray was visible above it today. Haven't seen it before but then again, I wasn't looking for it during prior High Surf Advisories. Sure will be looking for it in the future. Was way cool to watch the spray rise up and then dissipate. Sorry it is not as clear as it should be -- was pretty close to max'd out on the zoom.

Got windy last night. Highest gusts recorded around me was gusts of 83 mph at both Garibaldi (at the mouth of Tillamook Bay) and Cape Meares. Picked up a total of .40 inches of rain last night. Not a big rainy storm -- twas a windstorm with some rain.

Starting to rain sideways. Guess round two is arriving.


  1. Anonymous3:52 AM

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  2. LoudounLib8:56 PM

    Suz, sounds like the west coast is getting a pounding this week; a friend of mine just returned from visiting his folks in San Rafael, and said it was raining pretty much the whole time he was out there. He emptied their rain gauge once when it was close to 5" (the capacity of that gauge) and more was coming. They also had a thunderstorm early on Tuesday morning -- said it woke him up at 3 AM and he first wondered if it was an earthquake!

  3. hey LL -- ca is getting hammered. el nino shifts the oregon storms down to california. i've had mainly strong winds here with some rain.

    the most rain i had in one day at the cabin in boulder creek was almost 7 inches in one day. creek was running high but the house was way above even that high water line.