Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wind On The Bay

Took this short video this afternoon. I love watching the wind blowing towards me. The way the wind wave moves...

A fine day to stay inside, lounging about in fleece and warm socks, while the wind and occasional rain shower blow by. Was able to tinker with the rain gauge and believe I have it working again (whew). Had to use the Tillamook Airport totals (usually less than what I get here on the bay) for yesterday through this afternoon. That amount was 1.23 inches yesterday and 0.35 today at the time I got the gauge working again. Since then, I've gotten 0.28 inches for a grand total of 1.86 inches since I last recorded.

Total rainfall to date from October 1st is 35.02 inches.


  1. That is a lot of wind. Staying inside was probably the best course.

  2. twas only gusts in the high teens low twenties...gotten gusts here up into the 80's so it wasn't too bad.

    when it starts howling this old house starts to creak like a wooden ship. kinda reasuring to be all hunkered down inside with a strong fire blazing, the wind howling outside and the house creaking and knowing this place has withstood much stronger winds.

    looks like this weekend has some major wind potential depending on if that low comes up along the coast or more out to sea. the closer to the coast the stronger the winds and there is a chance of a 'wind storm'.