Saturday, January 16, 2010


Twas a misty and foggy gray day here on the bay. Could barely see the spit through the mist when I took this. Twas a day spent watching the spit (and the trees on the far point) fade in and out of the fog. Sound is dampened down so the roar of the ocean is muted when it could be heard at all.

Picked up 2.16 inches of rain, the majority of that coming in Friday. Total annual rainfall since October 1st is 37.18 inches.

Another storm coming in tonight but the one to watch is forecast to hit tomorrow night. Weather doods have already issued a high wind watch for the coast. How it tracks up the coast and where it comes ashore will determine how strong the winds will be. Winds will be coming up from the south so that hill I'm tucked into on the north ain't gonna offer much protection (laughing). Luckily I've got Cape Lookout to the south and am hoping that offers some deflection of the winds and I end up in the wind shadow for the worst of it.

Since everything is coming up from the south tis a warm storm -- currently 48 outside and not likely to get down past the low 40's at all tonight.

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