Saturday, January 09, 2010


Hallelujah -- the Book Salon post is written and ready to go.

The Beatles -- Shout.


  1. Damn that's a killer clip and I SWEAH I heard them do that, after Jacquie De Shannon did it, at the Cow Palace, in '63 or '64 . . . which my older sister took me to . . . . I woulda been 11 and 12, I think. Two times, at Cow Palace, to see Beatles . . . not to Candlestick Park, for the last time.

    Still, not bad for a kid raised in SE Asia at them ages . . *G*

    GREAT clip, and great book salon, as I've said . . . . bless ya for your work and talent, Suz . . . and good on yas! *G*

  2. larue this clip conveyed exactly how i felt when i was finished writing the intro post.

    i love ringo's head bopping and hair swinging as he sings louder.