Friday, October 23, 2009

The Dentist

Bill Cosby -- The Dentist. From his 1983 show Himself.

Walked out with one less tooth but it was a doozy. He went after that bad boy (his words) bottom right molar. Took 4 shots and he tested it again, this time popping out one root. I still wasn't totally numb (he said I'm wired a little different -- not uncommon-- and they were looking for my lip to go numb) and since there was only one more root to pop out, I told him to go ahead and take it out. He asked me if I was sure and I affirmed and he yanked that puppy out pretty darn quick.

Of course, halfway home and while telling A (who drove) about the procedure, my lip went numb. And stayed numb for a long time. Once it started to wear off, I started to notice my jaw was really really sore. Thank goodness, Dr. T wrote me a rx for some pain pills. I took one and it helped a lot. Coming about due for another one but wanted to get this post done before I took it -- friends don't let friends blog while comfortably numb.

Bill Cosby sure hit the nail on the head about that lower lip thang.


  1. Wow, one more out.
    Heal well and fast.
    Blog when ya can.

  2. thanks larue -- today was better than yesterday. fingers and toes tomorrow will be even better