Thursday, October 22, 2009


Waiting for the storm off the coast to come in. Tomorrow is supposed to be a solid rainy day -- and is the day I return to the dentist. Dr. T, the traveling dentist, will be in town tomorrow and will be doing more extractions. My landlord, A, is at the studio and said she will drive me there and back home.

Gary-the-wood-guy is bringing more wood later this afternoon. I have two different pots of soup in the freezer along with some ice cream (just in case of any potential swelling yanno) . I'm as prepared as I can be -- now I am just waiting.

The Doors
- Waiting For The Sun from their Morrison Hotel album, natch.


  1. How you doing today honey?



  2. i'm doing ok busted -- of course my appt isn't until 1pm