Monday, October 26, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Last Monday, I put up some pictures of Jen (my eldest) and promptly got a what about me from Stephanie. I asked what happened to her rule about not posting pictures of her and added that I don't have any recent ones of her. She ignored the first and send me a variety of photos from her current adventures galavanting about the mid-West. The picture up top is of her mini-mohawk before she left Portland. She said she was very proud of that mini-mohawk and asked that I include it with any other pictures I selected.

Here she is in Aspen with her friends:

Lakeshore at Lake Michigan in Chicago:

Celebrating fall at a pumpkin patch in Illinois:

Mugging in front of the case containing James Dean's shirt from Giant at the Kansas Underground Salt Mine:

She will be back in Colorado (currently in Kansas) by the first of November. She plans to spend the winter there and return to Oregon in spring to pick up her stuff (including her car) before starting Bible College in Wyoming.


  1. Oh my goodness...this is little Stephie? Amazing!

  2. yup - she will be 21 this december and is 6' tall.

  3. I'm detecting a hint of her mother's attitude in that top picture.


  4. i'm proud to say that she can be in touch with her inner bitch db.

  5. Bible College?

    Oh. My.

    I guess at 6' she can withstand the rigors of fire and brimstone and keep her own thoughts.

    If not, I'm sure mama has claws to spring her release if necessary.


    Bible College . . . alas, if I could have only spoken with her a bit. lol

    Woulda likely got my ass kicked???? Ya think? *G*

  6. yup larue

    and then she would politely serve it back to ya on a very pretty plate