Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Sunset

A lovely way to end the day. Got down to 37 last night - the first night of temps in the 30's since spring. Weather dood is predicting warmer days and continuing colder nights during the coming week. The first snows of the season fell in Eastern Oregon and the Cascades, including Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. After watching the Ken Burns National Parks series on PBS last week, I've resolved to check out the sorta local National Parks (Hood and Rainer) and their lodges. I think I made this resolution too late in the season to avoid driving in snow -- I'll have to wait until spring.

During my drive into town today, I saw the first signs of fall color along the road that goes over the hills separating the bay from Tillamook. Gonna have to remember to bring my camera when I go into town the next couple of weeks to snag some photos of the local color. Am sure it is not as glorious as the New England fall color (also on my list of must visit), but it was grand to these California eyes last year -- fingers and toes crossed the color matches my expectations.

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