Monday, October 12, 2009

And Then There Were Clouds

Lovely day today -- bright blue skies, no wind, but still a chill in the air. Only got up to the mid 60's but once the sun got low in the sky, it started cooling off quickly.

And then there were clouds in the sky -- until there was only clouds and the sunset was hidden and everything was gray.

Should get down into the 30's tonight per the weather dood. Rain should start coming ashore late Monday evening and ran is forecast for the next 7 days. I am so glad I no longer wear that yellow banana suit over my wools while pretending to be a traffic signal in the rain. Rain is much more enjoyable while inside -- with a good fire blazing -- listening to the drops striking their staccato tap tap tap on the windows instead of feeling them drip down the back of my neck under the banana suit.

Changed my whole attitude about rain.


  1. I never envied the guards who used to check IDs out in the rain at my places of work. It may have been nice while the sun was shining, but it's nearly always chilly when it's raining up here.

  2. hard to say which is worse -- in the cold rain or when it is over 100 outside. both suck when ya get down to it (laughing).

    i'm hoping the guards have a guard shack they can be in when not checking id's. a place to warm up (or cool down) makes those trips outside more tolerable.

  3. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Rain is good.
    So is inside.
    Heat, bad.
    In, OR out.

    Batten down, get ready.
    Winter's here.


  4. Why can't I comment as Larue?

  5. Ok, this whole thing is crazed.
    It works, it don't work.
    Sigh. Now, it works.

  6. ya just did dood

    i see you are gonna get the worst of this particular one larue. tuesday is gonna be a day for staying inside there and here :)