Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday

Spent the day hanging out with my oldest, Jennifer. We went girlie shopping (!!!) after I opened a buttload of birthday presents from her and Mike. Oh My Stars! Pants (yes plural). Long sleeved tshirts (plural). A forking jacket! Warm fuzzy purple slippers and wicked cool green and black striped socks with a purple witch on them. A tank top to layer under the tshirts. A warm fuzzy soft scarf to wrap around my neck -- my short hair leaves areas uncovered that were previously covered :) Holy moly -- when I gave her the list she asked for, I was expecting one item from the list -- not the entire forking list!

Twas a grand day and I don't feel at all guilty about all the makeup we picked out. Yes -- makeup. The last time I wore makeup was at her wedding and I can't remember the time before that. My goodness there sure is a lotta variety and styles I've never heard of. Thank goodness I had my girlie girl with me to translate. We went to the Sephora store (fanning face) and I was only nervous for a few minutes. Got right into the fun of trying stuff on and figuring out colors. A. Lot. Of. Fun.

Of course on the way home we had to stop for lattes before we scarfed down the chocolate mousse she had made. From a Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) cookbook -- I don't know which one but ... I am headed into the kitchen to snag some. Jen sent me home with a container for my midnight snack.

Pics of Jen and Mike, Jen and Dublin, Mike and Dodger Blue, and a group shot.

The Bangles - Manic Monday. Contrary to what they sing, Mondays are Fundays.


  1. Look at how pretty Jenn is. She's a beautiful woman! Love those pups she has. Ya done good with her Suz.

  2. thanks sheila -- wait until ya see steph!

    don't you have a bday coming up .... tomorrow?

  3. LoudounLib6:39 PM

    Ooooh, sounds like a fantastic day! Girlie shopping is the best, and I'm glad you got a chance to do that. And wow, Jen really did good on the birthday swag too! Love the pics of her and Mike and the dogs :-)

  4. thanks ll -- doesn't she look happy! lotsa love in her house.

    and my grand-goggies are cuter than cute. dublin is a boston terrier and dodger is a beagle-pug mix.