Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Hippo Birdies

Yesterday, before the storm blew in.

The Wind started to blow and the birds on the bay took flight.

Today the rain turned to sprinkles and the clouds danced across the sky.

Some were dark and looked downright malevolent.

The sun broke through albeit briefly. Rain and clouds in the forecast for the next week. Picked up 1.26" from this round.

My camera has ceased and desisted and refuses to use the automatic plug in feature to download pictures. I'm thinking that fall the camera took from the chair when I was moving furniture around Monday night might have had something to do with that.

Thanks goodness I remembered that I have a memory card in the camera and a place to stick said memory card in the laptop. Sure enough, took it out of the camera, plugged it in, and pulled up the camera transfer program.

Viola! Pictures on the computer. Memory card back in the camera -- I'll have to transfer photos this way until I figure out what the problem is. Could be the transfer cord got damaged. Hope it is not something expensive in the camera itself.

Tonight is my last night as a 54 year old woman. At midnight, I double nickle. Got my tunes blaring (currently She Left Me For Jesus ) and am working up the energy to go clean the kitchen before midnight.

No housework on my birthday is my #1 rule. I plan on celebrating Thursday night during my Late Late Night post.

The photos are of the changing weather. I love how even a gray overcast day changes in just a flash up here.


  1. LoudounLib10:42 PM

    Hippo birdies ((( Suz ))) I hope you have a wonderful day! Won't be able to join you at LLN unfortunately, so let me be among the first to wish you a very happy day.

  2. thanks ll -- it was forking great seeing your fonts last nite. a wonderful treat for my birthday week :)


  3. LoudounLib11:03 PM

    It was fun for me too, to drop in on you and the LLN crowd; something I don't get to do too often lately! You know how it is on daywork (and 12 hour shifts). Counting down the days until retirement... ;-)

  4. i hear ya LL -- my 55th birthday was the day i had originally set as my retirement goal. getting declared unfit for duty 5 years early upset my plans -- but it has worked out well in the end. at least i hope it has -- that double irish thang yanno :)

  5. Happy B-Day Suz,
    Bill, Julie & Tucker

  6. thanks nahant -- no birthday pie???

    huggies to all

  7. Happy Birthday honey.

    I actually remembered!

  8. thanks busted -- smooches back atcha dood -- i'm so impressed you remembered

  9. Oh, man, I missed it by 28 minutes. Happy belated Birthday! You did get some cake, right? There was only a little left.

  10. still my b-day in hawaii cujo. uuuh token said he had nothing to do with that (lmao)