Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trying To Beat The Heat

This is Bailey, sprawled on the back of my sofa tonight. Notice the look on her face and her front claws?

She is hogging the downdraft from the ceiling fan, glaring at anyone who walks by. I'm sure that "skeooowch" she snarls means "I'm wearing a freaking fur coat in a sauna" in cat.

Been right miserable up here in the cabin by the creek. No A/C, just one ceiling fan in the living room and one small swivel fan that travels from room to room. The afternoon sun hits the creek side of my house, so I end up spending the day with the plantation shutters closed up tighter than a drum, trying to keep the heat out. Very limited insulation here due to the vaulted wood beam ceiling. Usually not a problem, except on those days (usually rare up here) where it gets above 90. The natural air conditioner, our normal afternoon breeze, seems to have disappeared and we have been baking for the past week or so.

To top off our hot day today, we now have a humid, sticky hot night. The weather dude said this weather pattern will continue, with even hotter to come this weekend, before we have a chance of cooling off next week. At 627 feet above sea level, I'm above the little amount of coastal fog there is.

Token and Goldie spend the hottest part of the day sleeping on the coolest spot they find on the living room floor. They have yet to discover the coolest room is the bathroom.

Sleeping in the bathtub is starting to sound better and better to this woman "of a certain age" who carries her own personal summer around with her.

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