Thursday, July 27, 2006

Return Of The Fog, Part II

Slept like a baby for 14 hours last night. Low temp was 54 degrees, perfect sleeping weather. Just enough for a light blanket with the windows open.

Won't say that I woke up this morning feeling fine - like that is ever gonna happen. Nothing is fine until I get my morning cup of coffee, thank you very much. But today was a good day. Just took fillo blueberry turnovers out of the oven. Am turning into quite a baker, if I do say so myself. Plump organic blueberries from the local market, where I also picked up the fillo. Thickened up a homemade blackberry-blueberry sauce I made Tue night and then placed a finger-scoop of blueberries on top.

I had picked the blackberries off the bush between my cabin and The Pink House (yes, that is its name for obvious reasons). B-man was kind enough Monday to head down to the creek and river banks and pick a bunch more until the tuppaware container was full. Between the deer and the little girls in the area, you have to get up early to get the fat juicy blackberries.

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