Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Fog Returns - Thanks Skippy

Picked up my lovely Skippy t-shirt and the fog returned! Down to 88 degrees today.

Dayam, if I wudda known that Skippy t-shirts had such good weather karma, I wudda ordered one much earlier in the month. Perhaps I could have avoided 12 straight days of over 100 degree temps.

Not only do the Skippy t-shirts have good weather karma, it was ON SALE, two of my favorite words. My other favorite word is FREE.

Hustle on over to Skippy's and you too can have a good weather karma t-shirt available at the special anniversary sales price only through the end of July.

Thanks, Skippy!

UPDATE: Skippy is one speedy roo. Less than two hours after I posted this and I not only have a comment from Skippy (!) but a link too!! Double wow thanks.


  1. you're welcome, suzanne! always a pleasure to help nocal stay cool!

  2. double wow and thanks for the link, skippy.