Saturday, July 22, 2006

How Hot Was It?

105.8 in the shade! I think today was the hottest it has been in the almost 3 years I've been up here. No A/C in the little cabin by the creek in the redwoods either. When it gets as hot as it did today, that creek doesn't mitigate the heat at all. I feel like the WWOTW lamenting "I'm melting, melting".

When the day was at its hottest, Token and Goldie were tossed into the bathtub with about 6" of cool water in it. They perked right up after their bath, chasing each other around the house and even venturing outside into the side yard. Naturally, they were kicking up dirt and dust outside, in a valiant effort to get rid of that "just washed" smell.

Bailey is hiding somewhere, hopefully cool. Last night, she showed up around sunset and I expect her to do the same tonight.

Been too hot to sleep. Energy sapped by the heat and the weather dude said it really won't cool down until (sigh) next weekend. People usually come up here to beat the heat but we have been hotter than San Jose for the past 2 days (and nights). Damn. My fake knee is swollen. As the orthopedist said, just the knee joint was replaced and all the original soft tissue damage remained. Double damn it all to hell, I want fog. I want my afternoon breeze back. I want it back into the 50's at night so I can sleep. I want to not feel cranky all the time from feeling sticky all the time.

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