Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Is Cooling?

106 today instead of yesterdays 107. The weather dude insists we are cooling but I really don't count ONE FRIGGIN DEGREE much of a change. Miserable is miserable.

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Placerville for my youngest daughter's graduation from her program. Outdoors but under a gazebo and oaks. It is expected to be between 106 and 111 during the drive up there tomorrow. Placerville is halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe and sits at 2500 feet elevation. I'm going to spending a good chunk of my time driving up the Central Valley. Yuck.

But, the good news is baby girl is graduating and taking the next step in her life's journey. I'll miss her (she's headed to school in Utah where her dad is) but we will be in constant e-communication. Once I get this place sold and head up to Oregon and get settled there, I'll either head down her way for a visit or arrange airfare for her to come up to my new place.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Hi Suzanne. I've seen you at FDL and am very impressed with your site!
    One of my dearest old friends from my Santa Cruz days has been living in southern Ca but has just gotten a job in SJ. Her partner wants to live in the SC mountains, likely Boulder Creek, so they will be looking for a house in the very near future once their place is sold. Any recommendations or info or advice I can pass along to them about living in Boulder Creek? It's been quite a while since either of us have lived in that gorgeous region.

    Thanks for any wisdom you can provide, and thanks for that interesting link to finding your spot!

  2. Suzanne

    It's Swim from DeepConfusion/HOPESAT-fdl.

    Congrats again in regards to your daughters graduation. Kudos to you and her for getting through school.

    I'm in south Texas. Hot, humid, bug-infested San Craptonio. We also have vaulted, high ceilings and since I don't wanna get a second job to pay to air condition this place (all the time at least), my way to 'beat the heat' is pretty simple but effective.

    I have my own little, private 'wet tee-shirt contest'. I take my shirt off, drench it under the faucet, squeeze out just enough water so the tee isn't dripping and put it back on. Takes about 90 minutes to dry while wearing the shirt. It really does work. For the first few minutes I actually get 'goosebumps' from the chill.

    Thanks for stopping by 'my place', don't be a stranger. See ya 'round campus. Nice blog BTW. I'm so amazed that the blogosphere isn't just the 20 year-old-college-dropouts- in-their-parents-basements, like 'they' want us to believe. What a relief.

  3. META: my house is currently for sale. nice 2bedroom cabin on the creek if they are interested. BC is a wonderful town and I will miss it tremendously. put them in touch with me or give them my email. i know of a really good agent highly regarded in town. give them my email ten67x AT aol DOT com with BC Housing or such in the subject. Thanks for stopping by the joint and I look forward to seeing ya on the lake.

    SWIM: Hey HopeSAT - glad you have recovered from wanting shots last night. i like your wet tshirt idea but have temporary housemates whom i would not want to blind with my lilywhite glow in the dark 51 year old body running around in a wet tshirt. I've had trouble in the past with "them" - authority issues and all that - and tend ignore what "they" say about the clogged up tubes. See ya on Late Nite. Baby girl is on the road heading to her new home. Life goes on and the nice weather today helps lots (see upstairs)