Monday, July 10, 2006

On The Home Front

This is my house as seen from the wooden bridge. You can see the bridge railing in the foreground. My house is the grey one seen through the trees in the background on the left. You can see my kitchen window and the deck is beyond the tree to the right of the kitchen. You can barely see my deck.

This is looking downstream from the bridge. The large tree on the left is the tree seen to the right of my kitchen window above. The water level is down to inches now, where it will stay until the fall rains.

I have been busy surfing the web, looking for info about Oregon. I revisited and took their quiz again. The cities in Oregon they recommended were Astoria, Lincoln City, Newport, and St. Helens. The first three are along the coast and the fourth is east of Astoria, along the Columbia River about halfway to Portland. These areas are where I have been pretty much concentrating the info gathering.

If any of the 3 or so people that read my little spot in blogtopia* know anything about these areas in Oregon, please leave me a comment with the info. I'm trying to stay within a "reasonable" distance from Portland and/or Salem for medical plan coverage. I've decided that I will rent for a year or so, learning exactly what areas appeal to me and what ones don't.

I'll know the right place when I find it - just as I knew this little cabin on the creek was right. My time here is limited, and I'm enjoying each day but I'm ready to move on and find another place that is right. I have no regrets (other than the getting screwed by both my LTD insurance and Ah-nold's re-do of worker's comp) about living here. Life is about moving on, not stagnating.

*Yes, Skippy coined this phrase.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I live in Eugene, but have lived in Salem and Portland. If I know a bit more about the type of place you seek, I can give you pointers.

    Is employment an issue? Political climate? Weather? Allergies? Entertainment? How close to medical care do you want - half an hour drive? An hour? Do you prefer mountain living? Desert? Coast? Rain or snow?

    Oregon has a bit of everything. It's kept this 53 yr old vagabond largely satisfied. As long as I reside in these states, the stretch from Seattle to San Francisco, and New England are the only places I want to live (in part because I need to see ocean every now and then as a restorative to the spirit)

    Feel free to write me at ka.haydenATcomcastDOTnet